Reading List
Essential sources for the study and renewal of the English School of orthodox-catholic spirituality.

God and the Human Being—Lectures by Fr John Behr (audio)
Reading Scripture and Ourselves in the Light of Christ and His Passion. Recorded 13-15 August, 2019 at S. Richard of Chichester, Langney Parish Church, Eastbourne, England. Produced by Fr Timothy Ezat.

Understanding Icons—Lecture by Fr Maximos Constas
Video and transcribed text of a lecture in which Fr Constas provides an introduction and general theology of Icons (iconology).

Women’s Ordination: Is It Still an Issue? by Sister Sara Butler, M.S.B.T (PDF)
In this lecture, Sr Butler attempts to outline the argument in favor of the orthodox-catholic doctrine of the priesthood which is presented more fully in her book The Catholic Priesthood and Women: A Guide to the Church’s Teaching (Hillenbrand Books, 2007).

The Prayer Book as Regula: Liturgical, Sacramental, Catholic Spiritual Life
In this slideshow, the Book of Common Prayer is described as a system of liturgical spirituality.
The Grace of Pentecost: The Christian Framework of Regula
The grace of Pentecost as the consummation in of corporate prayer in spontaneous joy.

Alcuin on the Psalms
How to develop a devotion to the Psalms

On Marian Imagination
A pastoral name for “Catholic imagination.”
What does “Regula” Mean?
Regula is the doctrine of the Holy Trinity arranged for prayer.
What does “Remnant” Mean?
Sharing in the prayer life of those souls elected by God to the full life of Christian prayer.
A Philosophy of Sacramentalism, by H. Maurice Relton, D.D.
from the eleventh chapter of his book, CHURCH AND STATE (1936)

The Whole Duty of Man—first published in 1658.