Recorded 13-15 August, 2019 at S. Richard of Chichester, Langney Parish Church, Eastbourne, England. This event was organized and produced by Fr Timothy Ezat, and is posted here with his permission, along with the PDF handouts distributed at the conference by Fr Behr.

About Fr Behr

Fr John Behr (website) hails from England, though his family background is Russian and German—and clerical on both sides.  He is Professor in Divinity at the Aberdeen University’s School of Divinity, History and Philosophy. Formerly, he was Dean of St Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, where was also the Director of the Master of Theology Program and the Father Georges Florovsky Distinguished Professor of Patristics. He is the editor of the Popular Patristic Series published by St Vladimir’s Seminary Press.

His doctoral work was on issues of asceticism and anthropology, focusing on St Irenaeus of Lyons and Clement of Alexandria, and was published by Oxford University Press (2000). After spending almost a decade in the second century, Fr John began the publication of a series on the Formation of Christian Theology (The Way to Nicaea, SVS Press 2001, and The Nicene Faith, SVS Press 2003). Synthesizing these studies is the book The Mystery of Christ: Life in Death (SVS Press, 2003). In preparation for further volumes of his Formation series, Fr John edited and translated the fragments of Diodore of Tarsus and Theodore of Mopsuestia, setting them in their historical and theological context (OUP 2011).  More recently Fr John published a more poetic and meditative work entitled Becoming Human: Theological Anthropology in Word and Image (SVS Press, 2013) and a full study of St Irenaeus: St Irenaeus of Lyons: Identifying Christianity (OUP, 2013). Most recently he has completed a new critical edition and translation of Origen’s On First Principles, together with an extensive introduction, for OUP (2017), and John the Theologian and His Paschal Gospel: A Prologue to Theology (OUP 2019). He is currently working on a new edition and translation of the works of Irenaeus.

The Conference

1. The Passion and the Unveiling of Scripture, Pt 1 (1:32:59)

2. The Passion and the Unveiling of Scripture, Pt 2 (44:47)

3. The Passion and the Unveiling of Scripture, Pt 3 (1:08:47)

4. Pascha, Melito, and the School of S. John, pt 1 (1:00:06)

5. Pascha, Melito, and the School of S. John, pt 2 (42:12)

6. Pascha, Melito, and the School of S. John, pt 3 (1:01:59)

7. “Be My Martyrs”: Life, Death, and Martyrdom (1:25:39)

8. More on S. John and Questions (1:35:30)

9. The Economy of God, pt 1 (1:09:15)

10. The Economy of God, pt 2 (46:41)

11. The Church: the Womb of Life (1:19:22)

12. From Adam to Christ; from Male and Female to Being Human, pt 1 (37:30)