The Anglican Spiritual Tradition
A 1983 lecture by Martin Thornton on the past, present, and future of the English-Anglican school of prayer and spirituality.

What is “English Spirituality”?
One of the “schools,” or corporate patterns, of Christian life: here are its six characteristics as discerned by Fr Thornton.

Belief Enshrined in Worship: the Catholicity of Anglican Tradition
How Anglican liturgical patrimony profoundly corresponds to the orthodox-catholic paradigm of corporate life described in Acts 2:42.

On the True Nature of Anglican Patrimony
What is Anglican patrimony? It is the name used latterly to refer to that infectious ferment of Christian activity and culture alive through various phases in the British and English lands, as well as its ecclesial heirs.

The Schools of Christian Spirituality
The diagram from Fr Martin Thornton’s Spiritual Direction.

The Person of Jesus Christ (audio)
A five-lecture series by Fr John Macquarrie that provides a comprehensive articulation of orthodox Christology in contemporary and accessible terms (recorded at the October 1984 House of Bishops meeting of The Episcopal Church).

God and the Human Being (audio)
A thirteen-lecture series by Fr John Behr on reading Scripture and ourselves in the Light of Christ and His Passion (recorded 13-15 August, 2019 at S. Richard of Chichester, Langney Parish Church, Eastbourne, England).

On “Anglican Ethos”
Father Thomas Fraser, the now-retired rector at Saint Paul’s, Riverside (near Chicago) after 42 years, provides two catechetical lectures on Anglican distinctiveness.